Defence against takeovers

For over six years, Forseti has been defending companies against hostile takeover attempts. Our experience demonstrates that medium-sized companies, as well as larger ones and even companies of strategic significance may become targets for acquisition. Forseti takes instructions for defence at all stages of the process, in practically any situation. Nonetheless, our practice shows that it is more economical, for any business, to institute a preventive defence system, in particular:

• defence of corporate entities on the basis of existing share ownership structure, shareholder record-keeping system, foundation documents, redistribution of functions among companies under a single holding company, labour contracts and much more;

• defence by structuring assets in a way preventing the “aggressor” from gaining operational control over the assets, even if it acquires the controlling stake;

• defence against mass purchases of shares;

• defence against collaboration with the “aggressor” by individuals acting in bad faith, without impeding actual functionality;

• back-up mechanisms of control over the company – “fallback position”;

monitoring the current market situation using warning points and parameters.


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