Accompaniment of economic activity

Corporate Practice is of the main Firm’s specialization. Our clients are owners and top managers of companies.

• Consulting on establishing any legal forms of juridical persons.

• Assistance in choosing a type of the company you might want to establish with the focus on the specifics of the sector and nature of relationship between contributing participants.

• Assistance in preparation and correct handling of internal documentation.

• Analysis of different documents on their relevance to the existing legislation.

• Drafting of standard documentation.

• Drafting of different types of contracts (agreements).

• Preparation of the employee instructions and labor contracts.

• Creation, registration, reorganization (confluence, joining, division, transformation), liquidation of legal entities of all of legal forms, bankruptcy;

• Selection of property from an enterprise, its transmission and realization, redistribution of particles societies (limited responsible society, open joint-stock company, closed joint-stock company), selection of other assets, output, exception from the participants of society;

• Expert estimation of property, audit;

• Driving of constituent documents of society to accordance with a current legislation, development of internal normative acts;

• Formation of the associated companies, separated subsections, branches;

• Preparation and accompaniment of documents for the receipt of licenses, and other types of permissions, registration of trade marks.

Organizes work on the appropriate disclosure of information about the company.


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