Trademarks registartion

If you want to come into the notice of users to Your commodities or services, to make a deserving competition producers and salespeople of analogical products, to provide the maximal protecting from an unfair competition, in such case you must create an own brand, namely TRADE MARK.

In perception of user a presence of sign is a guarantee enough high quality. Registered a commodity sign protects from an unfair competition. A beautiful, by sight attractive sign promotes the aesthetically beautiful value of commodity.

Today a lot of firms thanks to the growth due to a presence for them of trade mark which is not just a ЋdefenderЛ but also a ЋguarantorЛ and Ћ advertiserЛ. As an example: ЋРvГрsЎЛ, ЋNemiroffЎЛ, ЋMcDonaldsЎЛ, ЋCOFI-COFI �Л, and others.

That is why, in terms of money, it is advantageous as possible before to develop for itself a trade mark and to register it.

Our lawyers can assist clients:

- to develop a trademark

- to check availability for registration of your trademark

- to carry out preliminary search for identity and similarity

- to prepare and serve of request in the Patent department of Ukraine

- to prosecute application at all stages of trademark examination

- to renew trademark

- and also all of procedural questions are related to registration of trade mark


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